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Winter Feeding

Fondant Feeding

Fondant is easy to make and is a good food to help your hives over-winter. If you need a very good recipe, just ask and I will post one.


Everyone should be feeding their Honeybees now. The nights are getting cooler, so help them out so they don't consume all their honey stores before the real cold sets in. 6 Lbs. sugar  to 1 gallon of water. "Bee Healthy or Pro Health" is strongly recommended.Also the use of Protein Patties is a good source of nurishment for them now too.

Winter Feeding

Start feeding early to help your bees. It hasn't been that good of a year for the bees. Lots of reports of queens dying/leaving, small colonies, and not much if any honey in the hives. It could be a bad winter because of starvation.
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