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Winter Feeding

Start feeding early to help your bees. It hasn't been that good of a year for the bees. Lots of reports of queens dying/leaving, small colonies, and not much if any honey in the hives. It could be a bad winter because of starvation.

An Over-Heated Hive

A Good example of  "Hive Over-Heating" A hive vent cooled these ladies down so they could get back to work.

Hive Over-Heating

Make sure your bees aren't over-heated in this weather. If you see them just "hanging out" on the hive you may want to consider putting a hive vent on.

Bee Prepared

Everyone should have their hives set in place ready for the arrival of their bees. You don't want to wait until they arrive and get stressed. Bee prepared. Please contact me if I can be of assistance.
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