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Installing your new packaged bees
Prostate Cancer Donations
Cancer Donations
Christmas Flight
Fondant Feeding


Bee Prepared
Christmas Orders
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Honey Harvest
Installing Honeybees
Over Wintering
Summer time inspection
Winter Feeding
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Installing your new packaged bees

How do you plan on installing your packaged bees? Seems everyone says to "shake" them out of there transport cage. NOT! I take out 4 frames from hive, remove syrup can from cage and just place the package where the 4 frames go, remove queen cage and use an elastic band to hold her cage to the foundation next to the package . A few days later remove the queen cage and package and replace the 4 frames. Any residual bees in the cage walk out. Just place the package in front of the hive. NO SHAKING THE BEES PLEASE!

Prostate Cancer Donations

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Cancer Donations

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Christmas Flight

December 21 in CT; What a pleasant surprise to see the lady's flying. It's a good time to do a mini inspection and get some extra Fondant inside for them!

Fondant Feeding

Fondant is easy to make and is a good food to help your hives over-winter. If you need a very good recipe, just ask and I will post one.

Over Wintering in Colder Climates

Some people use tar paper to wrap their hives in for the winter. Consider using TYPAR instead. It breathes and is sturdier,unlike tar paper, thus cutting down on the possibility of condensation in the hive. It costs a little more, but worth it in the long run.


Nothing says I love you like a beehive. Put a big red bow on one for under your Christmas tree for the sweet one in your life!

Harvest Time

So how many of you are able to harvest some of the sweet nectar of the hive? I extracted a customer's honey last night. From 2 med. supers he got 74 Lbs. of honey. Now that is a sweet reward!


Everyone should be feeding their Honeybees now. The nights are getting cooler, so help them out so they don't consume all their honey stores before the real cold sets in. 6 Lbs. sugar  to 1 gallon of water. "Bee Healthy or Pro Health" is strongly recommended.Also the use of Protein Patties is a good source of nurishment for them now too.

Christmas Ordering

Order now for Christmas.  A gift with sweet rewards!
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