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You Won't find a stronger built hive on the market.

Hive Bodies & Honey Supers are Dovetail Joints, waterproof glued & nailed. Handles are water-proof glued, nailed and screwed to the hive.

The Complete Package:
Complete Hive w/frames (30), 3 Lb. Italian Honey Bees, Jacket w/veil, Gloves, Smoker, Hive Tool, Winter Feeding Shim, Tie-down Strap, Pro Health, Choice of Feeder. Everything except the sugar syrup!                $625.00 

Complete Hive W/O Frames & Foundations
Includes:  Base, Bottom Board, Dbl. sized Entrance Reducer, 2 Deep Hive Bodies, 1 Med. Honey Super, Inner & Outer Telescoping                 Covers.         $225.00

Complete Hive W/Frames/Foundations:  Same as above, but includes 20 Deep & 10 Med. Black plastic wax coated  Frames     $325.00

Substitute:  Observation Hive Body for regular Hive                                     Body:   add $55.00

Substitute:  Observation Honey Super for reg. Honey                                   Super:  add $50.00

Substitute:  Screened Bottom Board for Reg. Btm. Board:                           add  $15.00

Substitute:  Barn style outer Cover for Telescoping Cover:                           add $26.00

Substitute: Barn Style outer Cover w/Sheet Metal 
                          add  $40.00

Substitute:  Barn Style Outer Cover w/Copper 
                         add  $66.00

NEW:  Barn Style Outer Cover with Copper Cap                         $100.00
               or with sheet metal cap: $75.00

NEW: ( Patented):
Observation Hive Body:      $85.00                  *$100.00

Slide out panels  (back side)  Allows for viewing of the inside of the hive 365 days a year, in any weather!   9-5/8" deep.

Observation Honey Super:  $75.00           
 Slide out panels allow for checking on your bees or just to take a peak in any weather. 6-5/8" deep.

Hive Base: 
Sloped front base for a larger landing area.  $30.00

Bottom Board:
Standard size, fits on Base.   $25.00

Entrance Reducer:
Double sized for cool or cold weather conditions or to reduce "robbing."             $5.00

Deep Hive Body:
9-5/8" deep standard sized for brood chambers. Dovetail joints, waterproof glued and nailed in every "pin & tail".    $34.00

Medium Honey Super:
6-5/8" deep, standard size for storing honey to over-winter or harvest. Dovetail joints, waterproof glued & nailed in every "pin & tail".     $30.00

Inner Cover:
Standard size with vent hole & upper entrance (can be closed off).     $17.00

Outer/Telescoping Cover:
Extends over entire hive; wood framed w/plywood top then capped w/sheet metal.         $34.00

Top Feeder: holds 4 gallons
Two separate compartments. Can hold  up to 4 gallons of syrup alone or syrup on one side and water on the other. Matches hive components with dovetail joints.

1 Gallon Inside Feeder
Easy to fill/refill, 

Escape Screen:
Used for removing bees from Honey Super before harvest. Simply place in between Hive Body & Super 1-2 days before harvest & bees go down, but can't get back up. (Shown upside down)    $20.00

Screened Bottom Board W/slide out tray: Used for ventilation & checking for Varroa Mites. A sticky board may be placed on tray  or simply spray with a cooking spray for counting mites. $38.00

Slatted Bottom Board:
Used for additional ventilation & reduces "robbing" by other bees & wasps.    $28.00

Barn Style Outer Covers:
More stylish than the typical Outer Cover. Accent your garden with a stylish hive. Vented.  All wood $55.00, w/sheet metal $65.                                        or w/copper $100.

Wood frame with a screened bottom and screened vent holes on all 4 sides. Cools the hive when empty, fill with wood shavings or news paper for insulation & absorb moisture , 
                                  to prevent condensation.   $26.00

Top Bar Hive:  Special Order
With side viewing window & screened bottom & slide out tray for ventilation & mite control.  Sheet metal capped outer cover, w/Bars  $300.00    painted $325.

Double Overwintering Screen W/Nucs:  Double screened; fits over reg. hive body. Two 5  frame nucs sit on screen. Heat from strong hive below helps warm the 2 Nucs.
 Includes 2 Nucs w/ I&O (sheet metal  capped)   covers.      $125                                

Double Over-Wintering Nuc Screen:
Screen alone for over-wintering 2 Nucs   $35.00

Complete Nuc:    
Includes; Nuc Base, Bottom Board, 5                               frame Nuc, Inner & Outer(sheet metal                               capped) Covers.  $83.00  (frames extra.)

Nuc Base:     

Sloped front; Base for single 5 frame Nuc.   $20.00

               Nuc Bottom Board:  
                      Bottom Board        $20.00  

Nuc w/Inner & Outer Covers:  5 frame Nuc w/Inner & Outer(sheet metal capped) Covers.   $49.00

Nuc Box:  
Single 5 Frame Nuc Box.     

Nuc Inner & Outer Covers:
Inner & Outer(sheet metal capped) covers for 1 Nuc.    $30.00

Swarm Trap:  5 Frame, slide off top cover, entrance hole with slide cover. Hangs on tree or post.   $45.00

Deep Plastic Frame/Foundation:
Bees Wax coated  plastic w/cell formation, holds up better to wax moths and extracting.     $3.75/e  or 10/$35.

Medium Frame/Foundation:
Bees Wax coated plastic, w/cell formation, Wax Moth proof. Holds up better for honey extraction.  $3.25/e  or  10/$30.

NEW: (Patented):                       
Observation Hive Body: 

Slide out panels (back and side)  Allows for viewing of the inside of the hive 365 days a year, in any weather!  9-5/8" deep.  $85.00   Painted: $100.00

Observation Honey Super:          

 Slide out panels allow for checking on your bees or just to take a peak in any weather. 6-5/8" deep.  $75.00         Painted:  $90.00

All wooden ware is rough sawn 13/16" pine, fully assembled & unpainted. Painting is extra, call for pricing.

Products & Services:
Custom Beehives & Components.
Hive Maintenance.
Honey Extraction Service! Use of my electric, multi-speed extractor to harvest the honey from your hives. $35./8 or 10 frame super & 1 Lb. of your honey.  
Average yield: 30-35 Lbs/Super
Includes straining.
Beekeeping Classes: Check "Events" page
Also Available:
Hive Tool:                       $10.00
Mouse Guard:               $10.00
Boardman Feeder:      $5.00  w/jar:  $15.00
Frame Grip:                   $5./plastic  or $13./metal
Smoker:                           $30.00
Moisture Board:           $10.00
Frame Brush:                $10.00
Bee Jacket w/Hood:   $65.00
Bee Suit w/Hood:        $85.00
Gloves:                             $30.00
Hive Stand:  Plastic                $80.00
                           Metal                 $60.00
8 or 9 frame spacers; $3.00/pair  
Double Qrt Feeder:     $15.00 w/jars
Drone Frame:                $6.00
Queen Excluders: 3 types call for pricing

Now selling Honey!
2 Oz. Bear: $3.00
8 Oz. Bottle $8.00 or 2/$15.
12 Oz. Bottle $12.00
1 Lb. Bottle $15.00
Creamed Honey $18./Lb.

Lip Balms: varieties: Many Available   $3.00 e

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