Beehives, Honeybees, Supplies & Equipment! - Events - Roxbury, CT
Beehives, Honeybees, Supplies & Equipment! - Raise Honeybees!

Beekeeping Classes 2019:

Learn how to start raising Honeybees, the complete hive, about the bees, other equipment, care and understanding the life of the Honeybee, problems and pests and much more. I handcraft the hives using dovetail joints, waterproof glue and nails, so you will be able to order hives AND bees. You'll be glad you did. Call 203-648-2942 for more information. 

Beekeeping 101 Schedule
All classes are a single 3 hour class.

Roxbury Congregational Church
24 Church St. Roxbury, CT: $40./pp

April 22, 6-9 p.m.
May 5, 1-4 p.m.
Call Mike to register 203-648-2942
Walk-ins are always welcome!

For more information call: 203.648.2942
Beehives, Honey Bees, Beekeeping Supplies & Equipment. Everything needed to raise Honey Bees!
 Walkins also welcome!

Honey Bees are available for order now, May 4 pickup . Hives, Equipment, Supplies and everything else needed to raise Honeybees are also in stock and  available for purchase. 
or mail check to: Mike's Beehives LLC, 94 Mallory Rd, Roxbury CT 06783

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